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Over the past two months I’ve been trying out the King Size Sports Performance Restore mattress from the Sleepmaker Performance Collection.

The Restore mattress is very comfortable; it’s improved my sleep quality, improved my sports performance, improved stress levels and made me feel well rested and ready to take on the challenges of a new day.

I believe the mattress provides minimal partner disturbance, which is super important for me, as my husband Jared is a shift worker with the fire brigade.

Sleeping on the Sports Performance mattress I’ve definitely found that it’s helping my muscles recover after a run, swim or a gym session. It reduces tossing and turning and alleviates my aches and pains which helps me wake up refreshed.

I know the importance of a good mattress after sleeping on some bad ones and I can personally say that the Restore Sports Performance mattress is a gold medal winner.

As an Olympic swimmer I got up at 4.15am for 15 years and sleep was so important for my recovery, now that I’m a mum and continuing to promote healthy living and a healthy active lifestyle sleep is even more important for me and for my family to make sure we are all well rested and ready to take on the day. 

Now I’m retired from swimming I’m not having daily treatment such as physiotherapy and massage to help my sore muscles although I still get them. To relieve soreness I massage muscles myself, stretch, use my spa, bath and shower and then get a great night’s sleep on my Restore mattress.

The Sports Performance mattress has the latest technology to enhance sports performance it can help aid recovery and alleviate the stiffness within muscles why you sleep it’s fantastic to know your body is being taken care of when your sleeping.

My bedroom is my retreat and it’s wonderful to have a mattress that puts a smile on my face and one that I really look forward to getting into each night.

Having the right mattress is extremely important if you’re an athlete or even just a really active person, the Sleepmaker Sports Performance mattress is designed to aid recovery and increase circulation, which is fantastic as I feel it gives me that extra edge on living life to the full. 

Brooke Hanson OAM
Olympic Gold and Silver