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Sleep Better

The competing demands of our lives mean that we set ourselves a frenetic pace to get everything done during our waking hours and often compromise the effectiveness of our sleep.

Sleepy’s, as the Mattress Experts, want to help all our customers sleep healthy. 

Sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body, especially in times of stress or pressure. For example, when you’re studying for a test or trying to memorise notes for a presentation, a good night’s sleep will enhance your ability to perform.  

There are some simple techniques that we can all implement to help our sleep become healthier.  Because if we sleep healthy, it is easier to live healthy!

1) Sleep on a comfortable, supportive mattress and foundation

It’s difficult to get deep restful sleep on a bed that’s too soft, too hard, too old.  Ensure you have a comfortable yet supportive mattress and foundation.

2) The right pillow

Your pillow can be one of the main causes of a restless sleep, so make sure you have the pillow that is ideal for you.  Just like you should be fitted to your bed, you should be fitted to your pillow.

3) Go to bed at the same time each day

The body has a natural clock which will make you sleepy when you’re ready for bed.  Don’t ignore this!  If you miss this signal, it could be up to three hours before your body cycle wants to sleep again.  Similarly, going to bed too early may also result in restless sleep.

4) Get regular exercise each day

Regular exercise will not only improve the quality of your waking hours, it will also improve the quality of your sleep.  If you don’t exercise regularly, add good sleep to a long list of reasons why you should take up the practice.  I can hear the groans of many echoing now, and that might partially be because we know it to be true!

5) Make the bedroom a haven

Your bedroom should be your haven - it should be an oasis of calm in a store and you should have that feeling of relaxing, of letting go, when you enter it.  Help create this haven by keeping the temperature cool, minimising bright light and removing distractions like TVs and telephones.  Train your brain to know that the bedroom is a haven of relaxation and sleep will come more easily.

Chat to any one of our staff who can attest to the difference these 5 tips can make!